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About Waltec

In July 1905, the Wallaceburg Brass and Iron Manufacturing Company opened its doors in Wallaceburg, Ontario. This was the humble beginning of a company later to be known as Waltec Industries. With an initial order of just 1,000 compression faucets, 1,500 hot water radiator valves, and 103 dozen compression valves, Waltec products became an impressive part of Canadian history.

As the Wallaceburg plant expanded during both World Wars, the company was engaged almost exclusively in assisting with the war effort. In 1973, Waltec Industries was formed and a new exciting chapter began in the company’s history. The new Waltec compression cartridge was launched and it quickly became Canada’s number one selling faucet. The reason was simple – plumbers wanted a faucet that was practical, reliable and adaptable to meet different needs and styles.

Over the last 100 years, Waltec Industries has shifted from horse-drawn deliveries to international marketing. Its original basic forging equipment has been replaced by sophisticated technology. But Waltec Industries remains committed to quality and performance. At Waltec Industries, the performance is legendary.